Types of substrates

TYPES OF SUBSTRATES available in our warehouse:

DIG INDI MC80 TOP S2000N-BG40BR (semi-gloss paper)
THERMAL TOP P 180 RH 9 HONEY GLASSINE LINER 65 (thermal paper for printing on thermal printers)
SILVERVAC RP 51 HONEY GLASSINE LINER 65 (metallized silver paper)

Polypropylene films:
PP 50 TOP WHITE S7000-BG40WH (white polypropylene film)
PP TOP CLEAR S692N-BG40WH (transparent polypropylene film)
PP LIGHT TOP SILVER S692N-BG40WH (silver polypropylene film)
PP50 TOP CLEAR S7000-PET30 (clear-on-clear type transparent polypropylene film mainly for use in “no-label-look” labels)
PP NG TOP WHITE OPQ S2045N-BG40WH (polypropylene film with a black underside, opaque)
PP NG TOP WHITE TS8000 SGP-BG45 (white polypropylene film with a very strong adhesive for the labeling of car tyres etc.)

Polyethylene films:
PE 85 TOP WHITE S692-BG40WH (polyethylene film for flexible surfaces, e.g. washing liquid or shampoo)
PE 85 TOP-WHITE S4700 BG40WH (polyethylene film intended for rough surfaces)